Lost in translation

I’m sure a lot of funny things happened today. I remember having a few good laughs, but all I could think of right now is how me and my sister had a lot of fun translating the tagalog-dubbed Boys Over Flowers into English.

I never followed this koreanovela. I never understood what the scene was about, nor did I know who the lead characters were, who was in love with whom, etc. That’s why I ended up translating their tagalog-dubbed articles into English.

I had to keep up with the pace of the dialogue, and we both laughed at my often silly translations. For example.

Girl asks for her dad’s opinion on her cooking.

Dad: Sarap. Parang luto ng mama mo.

My english translation: Yummy. It tastes like your mom.

At the right time and place, these little corny jokes can really make you LOL.

LOL – loser online. 😛

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2 thoughts on “Lost in translation

  1. epiCham says:


  2. deeceecres says:

    LOL sir! “it tastes like your mom?!!!”
    NICE ONE! *thumbs up!*

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