Letter of the day: K

This morning, it took me a dozen tries to log in to my windows account. It said the password was incorrect. I asked my siblings if they changed the password. They didn’t. I checked the keyboard, and noticed that something’s stuck inside the letter k.

Now you know that my password contains the letter k.

Today’s hilarity goes to Noynoy Aquino’s new ad.

Noynoy tries his hand at  rapping:

Baguhin ang buhay/ Maglilingkod sa Inyo /Buong mundo ipagmalaki mo/ Tayo’y pilipino!

I laughed harder than I thought I would. For a guy that is overexposed to catchy 5th-rate lyrics set to 5th-rate melody noontime show songs, I thought I heard everything.

Noynoy’s funny ad really caught me off guard, because his previous ads depict him as a serious politician.


Even so, I was impressed. I thought Noynoy’s last two jingles were ineffective in many ways. Hindi ka nag-iisa and Siya na nga couldn’t compete with Manny Villar’s Dagat ng Basura jingle. But this new Noynoy ad definitely could, because you can hear his name all over the place!

Today’s episode of Boys over Flowers (once again, I don’t follow this koreanovela, trust me) reminded me of how much it resembled F4. Until my sister reminded me that indeed, BOF is an F4 remake, korean version.

Remember that scene where the lead actor chases after the lead actress inside a bus? That’s so F4.

Made me wonder. What if we make an F4 filipino version, with its own man chases after vehicle scene?

Then I realize, we don’t have buses that wouldn’t stop for anything except bus stops. Not even a customer.

Local transportation vehicles won’t work either. Imagine Jericho chasing after Kristine inside a pasahero. If the jeepney driver spots Jericho running after his jeep, he would definitely stop in the middle of the busy road to let his potential customer ride.

Or, if the jeepney driver fails to see Jericho from his rearview mirror, someone else could spoil the loveteam drama for him.

Co-passenger: Nong naay musakay.

At which point the driver would graciously push the brae (braKe, stupid k) pedal, and let Jericho and Kristine settle the matter inside his Jeep.


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