Phone takes a dive

The title says it all.

This happened last month. I went inside the comfort room to indirectly exercise my banking skills (go figure), and I brought my cellphone with me.

My cellphone probably wanted to take a bath. So it jumped right off my hand and took a nose dive to the nearest basin of water available.

With ninja quick reflexes, I took it out of the water before it hit the basin bottom, but after doing so, I felt that it was probably too late, and that it was time to buy a new cellphone.

Fortunately, when I checked it, it was still working. It was amazing really, to see that I could still scroll across my messages with the phone draped wet.

I wiped it dry, took the battery off, wiped that too, and put it back on. When i turned it on again, the little screen in front of my flip phone won’t work anymore! And when I tried calling customer service, it sounded like the operator was drowning and talking underwater. No she wasn’t asking for help or anything, but the sound was garbled.

That’s when I started getting worried. Fortunately, I remember reading something from Yahoo! answers on tips regarding what to do in case your phone got wet.

I first tried charging it. That didn’t work; in fact, I think it got worse right after I charged it. I think charging it is something that you should never do in these circumstances.

Then, I took the batteries off and did something truly bizarre. I put them in the bugas (uncooked rice) bin overnight, making sure I covered them entirely with the rice. Does anybody know a better translation for bugas?

Yes, I read this on the internet, and though the web can sometimes be a source of crap information, I remember this bizarre solution was chosen as best answer. So i knew it had to work somehow.

And believe it or not, it did! My phone worked perfectly the following morning, almost as if the silly bathroom incident never happened in the first place. The bugas actually absorbed the water out of the cellphone to avoid further damage, and in my case, actually bring it back to life.

It’s like the mouth to mouth resuscitation of cellphones. We know rice is our main source of carbohydrates; we now know it’s good for phones as well. Take this as an advice.


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