Sikat visits the Silahis.

Just trying out this upload feature of wordpress really. I’ve never posted a blog with a picture on it before, but i’ve always wanted to because..

if you do a word count in this blog article, you’d get, say x plus a thousand more words per picture. That’s definitely a bargain for blog space. If you don’t get it, think If by Bread (the Band).

Sikat is the second installment of DLSU’s extravagant hobby of making solar-powered cars. Now this car may be closer to the ground than conventional clunkers, and you may have seen it paraded on the streets of metro manila, running at the pace of snail mail, and assume that it runs slow on any given occasion.

But this savvy (J.Sparrow, 2003) car doesn’t have a low profile, and it’s made for speed. The former because coating the solar panels alone costs a million pesos, and the latter because it was designed to reduce aerodynamic drag and allow a light frame ( around 200kg) supported by three small wheels that are just enough to get a good hold of the ground and avoid unwanted skidding, to at least compete with other solar-powered cars around the world.

And compete they will, at the World Solar Car Challenge in Australia by 2011. I personally hope that it gets the same amount of the support we have for the Pacman, although that maybe a little farfetched for now. But who knows, maybe by 2011 he may no longer be the household name that he is right now, after he gets beat by the Pretty Boy…


P.S. can anybody lend me a hand at basic photography?


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