If it’s made in the Philippines, buy it.

I went to a Chinese store to buy a set of baking tins. When I approached the Chinese vendor, she took me to a section of baking tin boxes. Apparently, she took me to the right little spot in her Chinese store. I took a good but quick look at the available products. Finally, something caught my eye. I approached the Chinese vendor and told her, “I want that one”, in my most basic Bisaya. I had to assume her familiarity with our local language.

The Chinese girl blurted out, “Don’t choose that set of baking tins because it’s Made in China. Choose This one, instead, because it’s made in the Philippines. Or this one, because it’s made in India”.

I was tempted to tell her, “Gee, this baking tin set is really serving up to its display purposes”. But even more than tempted, I was seduced into telling her, “You’re a Chinese gal with Chinese blood running all over your Chinese circulatory system, and you mean to boycott your own Chinese products”?

If anything, this little encounter allowed me to look into a periscope that points back at what’s behind me, and I saw my own compatriots laboriously laboring to produce products and serve services for their country’s countrymen.

I badly needed this kind of sudden spark of patriotism, now that the elections are approaching and I have yet to decide on who I want seated on that preciously abused presidential seat. But whoever I choose, I know I’m choosing one man along with him, and that is Mr. Wisely. And I know for certain that I’d want this guy to have a clean and honest butt and enough diapers to retire from the chair and leave it unsoiled.

Post script. If it has dawned on you to become skeptical of my story, and say to yourself, I know this guy too much to believe he actually went to a Chinese store to buy baking tins. He doesn’t know a thing about cooking, much less baking! I tell you this, unless you are Victor Rafferty, or Matt Parkman, I’m telling the truth. 😛


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