I’m staying.

You started to breathe and the wind blew against it,
But you battled to show that you won’t back down.
You opened your eyes and in an instant,
The chorus ascends to a lively sound.II
The sound of blinding hope that your blood will choke and strangle tides,
And feel stronger when your hard-pressed life form tears in your eyes.

Time slows down to the fear of living each dilated second
And losing ground, as your peers
Devour every single gold-plated door in existence.
Doors that are more than just a way in,
They are a way out.
Away from your skin.

Inviting you to breathe your last,
To start exhaling your past until you reach the handle
And turn your saddle towards the opposite direction;
Your back against the stained canvas of hard work and hard luck,
Where dreams get stuck to a slow-moving pace;
The charity of haste approaches.

Your legs carry you as far as you desire
If, against you, conspired plains and not mountains.
But hills are like fountains, they hit a certain peak
And go down, to a level of mystique and assurance
That you christen, ‘Hope’.

Live by hope, and Stay.


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