Fun with Frisbee

I played Frisbee today. My teacher, Dr. Ryan Balili, invited me to a game of frisbee at our school’s soccer lawn, or baseball lawn, or reserved officers’ training corps lawn. I guess it’s a multipurpose lawn.

He invited me once before, but that time we were only paying catch because there weren’t enough players to set up a team versus team. This time, however, there were eight of us. We could play 4 versus 4 and I was so excited about that. Then, my excitement grew as 8 more came. Now we’re playing 8 versus 8. More players means more fun.

I didn’t know the rules of the game. Sir Ryan told me think of basketball and football. There were two touch-down border goals on opposite ends. If my team had the frisbee, someone from my team will throw it as far away from our goal as possible, and as close to the other team as possible, so that they don’t have to start passing frisbees near our goal.

They will then start passing the frisbee as we try to tap or catch them mid air before someone from their team catches it. If their team member fails to catch a pass, the turn goes back to us. If their team member catches the frisbee successfully, he will then pass it to another team mate. He is not allowed to move and run with the frisbee. They will keep passing it and we will keep on trying to deflect or steal it. If they do well, they will be able to pass the frisbee to their team mate who is positioned right after their own touch-down goal. That will score as a point for them.

If their team scores a point, teams will exchange goals. This is the boring part for me. But it’s just reasonable to change goals after every point. I really enjoyed playing the game. But at first, I didn’t know what my role was. I just stayed at the back because I was too tired to run and contribute to the offensive aspect of our game.

I was content on playing the role of goal keeper, until I realized I sucked at being one. I did manage to get a few steals however, from passes that went over my head. I simply jumped and took advantage of my high vertical leap, to the surprise of the opposing team, who thought they could pass overhead. But often times, i jumped off timing, and miscalculated the height.

I then decided maybe I’m good at being a mid fielder. So for the second game, I decided to position myself at the middle, where maybe I can contribute to some balanced offense and defense. I did fairly better as a mid fielder, because there was more action in that area of the field. Still, I was envious of the cherry pickers who positioned themselves near the goal most of the time to score for our team. I needed to score.

And score I did. In fact, when I decided to just run towards the goal and wait for my teammates to pass the frisbee to me, I did score my first and only goal for both matches. And the cool thing was that it was the winning point for our team, in a hill to hill thrilling battle.

I’m definitely playing frisbee again. Thanks for inviting me Sir Ryan.

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