First time at MOA

The first time I visited Mall of Asia was roughly three years ago. From our Baguio trip, we decided to stay in the airport for the remaining hours before our flight back home. However, we got bored because there was nothing fancy to do in the airport except take pictures, which I had a lot of back in the summer capital. That’s why we decided to visit the Mall of Asia.

I was with two people that time; one was Dr. Tee, who was a NASA professor during his glory days and a physics and astronomy teacher in the US. The other one was Alviu Nasir, who graduated magna cum laude and is currently a faculty member of the physics department of MSU-IIT.

I know, right? Two geeks (well, okay, make that three) head to the mall of asia where you can shop, dine, play and do lots of crazy stuff. Just for the fun of it,  I let the two decide where they want to go, and I just followed.

Hilarity. This is where we ended up being among all places we could possibly be inside this huge mall. The stereotypical clouds are beaming over us when we gathered inside the only haven of geeks inside a contemporary setting.

In case you didn’t get it, we went to the bookstore. Then we had to go back to the airport, and I didn’t get the chance to see the life size replicas of movie stars in the theater my sister was talking about while she was talking to me over the phone. Oh well, the MOA will always be there for me to visit anytime soon.

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