Why is our government so corrupt?

How brave of me to try to answer that question!

Honestly, I believe that there’s more than just one answer to this question. There are several issues that contribute to the sorry state of our government, which, from the lowest to the highest tier, have adopted a culture of corruption veiled by justifying tradition.

I want to go back to the most fundamental part of society, and that is the family. I will answer the question from here.

For me, corruption starts at the bricks. Well, close family ties is good. By looking at other nations and seeing their definition of family relations, I can’t help but look back at my own country and smile. For one, I smile at saying good riddance to anxieties of living my retirement years alone, and desolated, perhaps playing chess with other old men at a home for the aged.

However, even the thinnest paper has two sides to it. Close family ties is room for a lot of love and assurance, but like everything else romantic, a cancer cell looms in the horizon, ready to burst out and inflict damage when the smallest pint of opportunity reveals itself.

And damage caused is felt not from within, but towards unrelated, and oftentimes, inanimate necessities. Necessities that keep the entire country clean.

Some families keep the ties too close, perhaps fueled by the same fear that is gripping other nations; the fear of being left alone. No one is an island, and no one should. I can go so far as saying that inasmuch as our country is made up of thousands of islands, the people in it also have archipelagic ideals and comfort zones.

Yet it is through this desire that the cancer cell emerges and throws its weight around to maintain an imbalance of logic and selflessness. Family members who tend to keep it close, they find it hard to say no when it comes to their families. Family is placed above Integrity, Honesty and everyone else’s fare share of oxygen.

Close family ties are good, but let us remember to bond our ties with the right kind of glue.

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