Last year’s post about Valentine’s day: this year wasn’t any better.

Valentine’s was a running joke in highschool, a curiosity in college, and a kick in the ask of a realization last year.
It was last year that I first saw the natural order of things on Feb. 14.

Surprisingly, last year’s 214 was, in many frames, the first for me. Prior to this, I never had the chance to see the love dipoles in action while painting the city red, not in the ordinary sense of the idiom which means engaging in violence, but in a more romantic sense which only a guy as creative (and as arrogant!) as me can think of.

I even saw a couple of friends and their respective dates outside Jollibee,one of the many publicly desecrated places unfitting for privacy time.

It was like a lecture of semiconductor electronics, electron-hole recombination, photon emission in the form of lampungan ehehe. Love is in the air, inasmuch as the optical field of a laser is calculated, realized, emphasized, and analyzed through photoluminescence calculations.

Moreover, as a spectator of this bizarre action, I am a passing electron, no hole to come back to; a dynamic entity, a single lad clad in a cloak of personal reflection and scrutiny.

Yes, the world is a semiconductor on any given date.

But come February 14, the world transforms, evolves, heightens and whatnot, into a conductor. And with my boring presence, I roam free, wandering, not necessarily looking; the eyes are open but there is a black curtain behind it which is closed for the most part.

I command the Conductor identity, as I scan for other free charges, without actually scanning, and as we try to make sense out of this Confusing turn of events.

There is always a hole to recombine back into. I’ve seen some of them in action.They increase the Photon emission, and congest the air with more love oxygen than is required. As a free electron, I was still under the influence of the crystalline structure that is quite, and ridiculously, randomly delineated by clouds of love dust — choking my aorta!

I do hope, however, that things will be different this year.

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2 thoughts on “Last year’s post about Valentine’s day: this year wasn’t any better.

  1. Kervyn T. Paragoso says:

    Love is neither bizarre nor confusing it’s normal. It’s been there since the beginning of man. It’s starts from attraction and ends up in fixation (physically or mentally).
    214 is a state of mind and it’s never really there. People who never believe on such profits from it.

  2. Russ C. says:

    214 is just a simple day that comes every year. don’t put too much pressure in it, sir. i mean, every day can be 214 if you want to. 🙂

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