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Classical Music Works

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I am a teacher by profession, but I also write as a sideline.

I’ve heard a lot about how classical music helps you study better. But I never tried it.

I get writer’s block a lot. So I decided maybe I should give classical music a chance.

Just recently, I began writing and listening to classical music at the same time.

Just like magic, time slows down and words flow like rain as I type them away. It’s incredible. But I don’t know why it works. I have theories, though.

For one, it keeps me from procrastinating. Listening to classical music tricks my brain into thinking I’m not working, but listening to beautiful music. I’d rather procrastinate than write about stuff that’s not my niche, to be honest, but by listening to classical music, I think I’m getting a bargain.

And it doesn’t work for other kinds of music. I tried songs with lyrics, but then I listen to the singer and my mind gets distracted. Too many words, too many words.

I tried listening to other instrumental music, but, especially if it’s just an instrumental version to a song I’m familiar with, I end up singing instead.

I tried listening to classical music with choruses. There are lyrics, but since I don’t understand them, (are the lyrics in French or Latin ? ) I still get to focus on my work.

Classical Music really slows down time for me; maybe it’s because these beautiful string of notes take their time dancing in my ear, almost motivating me to go ahead and work and write! Maybe it’s the lack of lyrics, and the desire to fill these beautiful masterpieces with words that are currently at the back of my head.

There is a scientific explanation for why classical music works, but for now, I am content with guessing.

As you may have guessed, I am currently listening to classical music through Youtube.

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