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When real life creates sillier plots than movies

I just came across this article called The 7 most Bizzarely Unlucky People who ever lived. And I must say, this is one of the most entertaining articles I have ever read.

It’s a story of misfortunes of incomparable proportions, and it really makes you think: are some people just born to be unlucky? Also, the same can be said about the inverse; are some people born to be lucky?

Because to some degree, I’m sure this article isn’t entirely accurate. Maybe a more appropriate title would be something like, 7 most bizzarely unlucky people whose lives are documented who ever lived. I know it’s not as catchy, but I’m pretty sure there are a handful or more people who have had the same level of bad luck a couple of times in their lives.

And maybe people like Bill Gates or Michael Jordan are just born to be lucky. However, in terms of outstandingly good luck, I believe it’s more about making your own luck and knocking at every door of opportunity that presents itself.

The same cannot be said of bizzarely and ridiculously bad luck, as the article suggests. The following is a summary, but I suggest you click on the link and read for yourself.

The worse terror attack in history

7. Jason and Jenny Lawrence — British couple who went to New York for vacation, and then the twin tower attacks happened. Worst attack in History. // 4 years later they happen to be in London, and the worst terror attack happened in that country, as bombs exploded in the subway killing 52 people. // 3 years later they went to Mumbai for vacation, and the worse terroristic activity happened there. Shootings and bombings killed hundreds of people.

The Unsinkable Ship

6. Violet Jessop – Served as nurse aboard Titanic’s sister ship, the Olympic. Collided with a British warship and drowned. She survived. // Seved as nurse aboard Titanic, and we all know what happened to that “unsinkable ship.” // Served aboard the Brittanic. Boat hit a mine and drowned. She made it on land for the third time.

Had three fatal incidents with 3 American presidents

5. Robert Todd Lincoln – Son of Abraham Lincoln. His father got assassinated when he was 21. Carved his own political career. Knew James Garfield. Went with him to a function, and just as they were about to enter a train, Garfield was shot.  20 years later he served for McKinley. They were at a speaking engagement when McKinley was shot. He vowed to never attend any presidential functions again.

Only one person has ever been hit by a meteorite

4. Ann Hodges – She got hit by a meteorite while she was napping on her couch. Meteorite that broke to pieces on descent and one hit her in the hip. No one in history has ever been hit by a meteorite before, and until now.

What are the odds of being hit by lightning 7 times? 0.

3. Roy Sullivan – He got struck by lightning seven times! While on a lookout tower, while driving down the mountain, inside a ranger station, fishing, drying clothes outside with his wife, while running away from clouds, and while holding a pitcher full of water in case lightning sets his hair on fire again.

Jeanne Roger’s life is a sitcom

2. Jeanne Rogers – She was struck by lightning twice. // While on a cruise ship, she fell off the railings and into the ocean, and her friend slipped and hit the deck unconscious as she tries to go for help. She regained consciousness and eventually the boat went back to get her. // A couple of years later a bat came towards her head and stayed there. Every time she knocked a door for help a woman opened and screamed, and the bat became wilder, pissing on her hair and scratching her scalp. // She got mugged, shot at, strangled, she fell into an open manhole. //She tripped over a cord that yanked Mr. Rogers pants off while being televised.

How did he get away without superpowers?

1. Tsutomu Yamaguchi – Ironically, I’d personally consider this guy lucky. He was on a business trip in Hiroshima and an atomic bomb hit the city where he was 2 miles away from it. He got temporarily blinded with broken eardrums.// Few days later he was in his office in Nagasaki when another atomic bomb exploded some two miles away. He survived that as well. See what I mean? He survived two atomic bombs and walked away. He died last January from old age, at 93 years old. Still, who would have wanted to be in his position? No one.


It’s also fun to read the comments. One of the funniest was from invaderdaxter, in reference to Yamaguchi and how he did not gain superpowers after surviving those two atomic explosions.

“We prefer to think of him as an undiscovered X-Man with the worst superpower ever.”
Actually the X-Man with the worst mutant power was
Testifoot, whose mutant power was that his testicles are on the bottom of his feet.
And he couldnt fly…

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