Prepare, but be Spontaneous

When you have to do the same lecture twice in a day, you can do extremely well in the first lecture, but be extremely bored in the second.

You may have prepared for those lectures the day, two days, or three days before,
so that you feel confident about facing your audience upfront,
and you can’t wait to tell them what you know,
But preparation can back fire.

You rehearsed well to try to remove all possibilities of messing up in front of the audience. At the same time, however, you are making your lectures boring for you.

And your boredom will show; and the audience will contract that boredom, and they will be bored.
Boredom is contagious.

In a lecture, prepare. But be spontaneous.

In your first lecture, it’s okay to follow what you have rehearsed. Rehearsing is different from the actual thing, obviously, so your excitement will be evident. Your audience will contract that excitement. Your lecture will be a success, just as you visualized it coming in.

But in your second lecture, if you try to do the exact same thing, you will come off as robotic and methodical, and boring.

So try to keep an empty mind entering into the second lecture. Just remember the key points of your speech, but never try to remember what you did or said that made the first lecture successful. Try to make new illustrations, new anecdotes. Make the second lecture, of the same topic, a different lecture.

Give your audience something fresh. Well, anything you say to them will be fresh because that’s the first time they heard it, but keep it fresh for yourself. Make a different kind of lecture, not for your audience, but for yourself, which would benefit your audience anyway.

It’s called karma, baby. And it goes around.

Prepare, but be Spontaneous. Keep it original, and your enthusiasm will show; your excitement is contagious. Your boredom is equally contagious. Choose the best option. LOL.


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